Ferris Wheel Press Rollerball Care Instructions

The Roundabout Rollerball Pen comes with an unfilled ink converter. When filling ink for the first time, please allow up to 1 day for the feeder mechanism to become fully saturated

Filling/Changing Ink Colours:
  • Unscrew the barrel from the grip mechanism.
  • Submerge the rollerball tip fully into warm water. Flush the tip by twisting/untwisting the converter mechanism until the water runs clear.
  • Allow to dry overnight.
  • Fill a new colour by submerging the black rollerball tip fully into the ink, then draw the ink into your Roundabout by twisting the converter until you've reached the top position.
  • For heavily saturated inks and darker tones or clogged tips, you may need to soak the grip/feeder in water overnight
  • It is normal for some air bubbles to enter the converter when refilling ink
  • Best for use with non-sparkling inks