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Acrylic Block for Clear Stamps

Acrylic Block for Clear Stamps

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Flower Shop Series / 2022 May release.

A clear acrylic block used to hold clear decorative stamps.
It’s very helpful to be able to see exactly where you are stamping!


Acrylic Block

6.6 x 8.3 x 1.4cm

    More Information

    - Stick the stamp to an acrylic block, and apply ink evenly by patting the ink pad onto the stamp.
    - Make sure to clean the clear stamp after every use. You may clean the clear stamp with water and mild soap if necessary.
    - To store clear stamps, please keep them in a cool place and away from direct light and dust.
    - As compared with rubber stamps, clear stamps tend to stain more over time; however, it does not affect how they work or their quality.

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