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Black Blaze

Curl Curl Candle - Blush

Curl Curl Candle - Blush

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Curl Curl is the name of a beach in Sydney. The word Curl Curl may have been derived from a Dharuk Aboriginal phrase curial curial, meaning river of life. The shape of the Curl Curl candle is inspired by rolling waves that lift you up and swirl around you. This candle brings a sculptural sentiment to the room.

Black Blaze candles are made from refined plant based wax and are excellent for home decoration. All candles in this collection are unscented. Please use a candle holder or candle plate underneath for the wax drip.

  • Height: 11cm
  • Candle Width: 11.5cm

More Information

For maximum burn time and enjoyment, always trim and maintain the wick to 5mm before and after lighting.

A flat, steady plate or candle dish is always recommended to be placed underneath the candle.

If the wax is dripping too much, blow the candle out and wait until the leaked wax has slightly solidified. Scoop up the wax and place it back in the candle, blocking the leak holes.

The Curl Curl Candle is a registered design in Australia. Australia Registered Design Number: 202110962

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