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de Fleur Clear Stamp Sheet

de Fleur Clear Stamp Sheet

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Designed by Hank, Flower Shop Series / 2022 May release.

A set of stamps drawn with the feeling of collecting plants,
Decorated with four different plants including lily of the valley, dandelion, olive and ramie ring,
With details such as small flowers and fruits,
Small plant illustrations that can be stamped on paper.


de Fleur Clear Stamp Sheet

Sheet Size: 10.5cm x 15cm

Please note: This product does not include the acrylic block


If you purchase both the de Fleur Clear Stamp and de Cadre Clear Stamp Sheets in an order, you will receive a free gift!

    More Information

    - Stick the stamp to an acrylic block, and apply ink evenly by patting the ink pad onto the stamp.
    - Make sure to clean the clear stamp after every use. You may clean clear stamps with water and mild soap if necessary.
    - To store clear stamps, please keep them in a cool place and away from direct light and dust.
    - As compared with rubber stamps, clear stamps tend to stain more over time; however, it does not affect how they work or their quality.

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