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Ferris Wheel Press

Ferris Wheel Press Central Park Greens Ink 38 mL

Ferris Wheel Press Central Park Greens Ink 38 mL

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Take a slow stroll through Central Park and admire the natural and man-made features in the heart of New York City. Appreciate the serene green, where the noise of the city fades away, with the subtle serenade of songbirds, trickling water, and humans at play. Grab a relaxing seat beside the glistening spray of Bethesda Fountain, and soak in the beautiful architecture of Central Park.

Ink Tone: Lush grassy green

Characteristics: Calming, earthy, verdant, natural

Ferris Wheel Press inks are made with the highest quality dyes and resins. The best-selling and most collectable 38 mL bottle has a secure locking mechanism and signature brass cap.


  • 38 mL ink reservoir
  • Rich and saturated tones
  • Water-based and compatible with all fountain pens
  • Signature brass cap

Designed and made in Canada.

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