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Handwriting 2 Print-On Sticker Pack

Handwriting 2 Print-On Sticker Pack

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Cursive Text 2 Transfer Stickers
Designed by Hank, 2019 Winter release.

Like cursive text on antique postcards, slender branches drawn by hand,
The pencil writing that was accidentally rubbed apart, and a small label,
Transfer stickers with a casual and vintage feel.

Different from ordinary stickers, thin and translucent texture, easy-to-use,
Make collage decoration fun with transfer stickers.
Transfer, stack, and match with colouring pencils, pens, or any stationery you have at home,
Whether it's on a notebook or your own handmade cards, you can easily make special effects! 


Transfer Sticker Pack

10cm x 15cm

2 sheets per pack

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