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In the Foyer PET Tape

In the Foyer PET Tape

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Designed by Hank, Flower Shop Series / 2022 May release.

Record of the imaginary flower shop, the old objects that I want to collect,
old rattan baskets from all over the world,
The small clay pots covered with moss, all painted with watercolors.

In addition, the handwriting of a fountain pen,
Like the handy notes of the owner of the flower shop,
Random notes on a shelf.


Matte PET, with release paper

4.4cm x 10m|75cm cycle of designs

White ink


100cm each sample loop. 

Not ready to roll? An affordable way to try PET tapes out is to order a sample loop, with a full cycle of designs. This way you can experiment with a variety before buying the full roll, and discover new favourites as you go.

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