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Asteroid B-610 x KC DESIGN

Stray Birds Matte PET Tape 40mm

Stray Birds Matte PET Tape 40mm

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Stray Birds Matte PET Tape 40mm

Matte PET Tape, with release paper
4.0cm x 10m|100cm cycle of designs
UV Ink + White Ink
Printed in Taiwan.

100cm each sample loop.

Not ready to roll? An affordable way to try PET tapes out is to order a sample loop, with a full cycle of designs. This way you can experiment with a variety before buying the full roll, and discover new favourites as you go.

More Information
There are 2mm transparent edges on both sides of the PET. It is normal for the white ink to slightly bleed. The coating on the surface of this special PET will cause scratches due to friction. This is not considered a defect. Please be aware before purchasing.

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